How To Decorate Your Bookshelves With Coastal Style Décor

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How To Decorate Your Bookshelves With Coastal Style Décor

I love decorating my home, but I’m not so great at styling bookshelves or coffee tables. For whatever reason, I find it intimidating and can never seem to achieve Pinterest status with either.

So, I was lucky to have Meg Young, Interior Designer and Founder of @CailiniCoastal, share with me her tricks of the trade when it comes to decorating bookshelves. Meg specializes in coastal home décor (my favorite!), so I was happy to learn how to put the finishing touches on my living room shelving unit.

1. A Visual Zig Zag  

When figuring out where to place your books, stack them on opposite ends of your bookshelf so that they create a zig-zag pattern down the wall. It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye and keeps things from looking overloaded on one side.

2. Pair Your Frames

A picture frame by itself can look a little lonely on a bookshelf. Pair your frame with another accent or layer a small frame in front or on top of books to create depth. A picture adds the perfect personal touch to your home décor — just make sure it has a buddy.

3. The Stand Back Trick

Instead of trying to style the entire bookshelf at once, add a few accents at a time and then take a step back. This way, you can analyze your direction and readjust as you go.  

Check out the video to see the magic Meg performed on my shelves.  

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